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The Goal

* To bring together an African community (a community of African origin) with compatriots from other continents to form a critical mass of experts in the field of membrane filtration systems, renewable energy, and water technologies for sustainable development; active in the field of materials and membrane systems.

* To design a space for exchange and dialogue open to all African universities where water issues, energy and the environment in Africa, will be presented and discussed based on sharing of knowledge and pooling of information.

The Mission

* Initiate and strengthen training and research in the Science and Technology of Membranes (STM) and Filtration.

* Support national and global strategies for development in areas such as management
of water resources, energy, health, food security agriculture, environmental protection,
and sanitation

* Encourage partnerships between experts of the sub-region and simplify protocols of scientific mobility

* Expand the convergence of activities and technology transfer between areas of academic research and industry

* Promote the emergence of a dynamic private sector able to use experts in research from the industrial and academic sectors

* Inform / educate politicians and civil society on the usefulness of STM in Africa

* Promote the presence of members of the AMS through global scientific meetings to improve the visibility of African research internationally